We arrived on this CMC site via an enjoyable approach over the moors from south, along a narrow road signed “unsuitable for caravans”  which cumulated in a final descend down a winding 1 in 3 hill from the moors into Rosedale Abbey as its pièce de résistance. The possible moral being is to read the site instructions in future and don’t blindly follow our CoPilot satnav; and also read the road signs! Never mind, it was a glorious sunny day with stunning views and the brakes worked well.

The Howard, Arrivals Area


Initial impressions of the site, aided no doubt by simply arriving with more than a little relief on a warm and sunny afternoon, was of a very well maintained refuge staffed by friendly and welcoming wardens. It’s a long time since I have seen such green and manicured lawns, I had expected the grass to be well worn this late in the season, but not so. As I write this in the comfort of our Lunar Clubman a couple of beech leaves have fluttered down past my window from an adjacent tree, and I’m wondering if I should report them! 

The Howard, Main Drive


The site is linear and silvan so well shaded accept during the middle of the day and the pitches are well spaced as befits a CMC site, even if they are a bit too regimented along the tarmac road for our taste. It is also parallel to the adjoining lane, so traffic noise is a little intrusive on occasion from passing cars, but thankfully not overnight and we have soon became accustomed to it.

We elected to occupy a pitch at the far end of the site, a grassed area called The Paddock. It is about 100 metres from the service area, presumably in order to encourage exercise from your sedentary scribe. 

The Howard, Paddock Area


There is an enclosed dog exercise area, although small we thought this an excellent idea as our poach could be let off-lead to do his business before walking him through the main area of the site, it seems to be rich in enjoyable sniffs!

The Howard, Dog Exercise Area


There is also a dog and boot cleaning area adjacent to the entrance, although our dog wasn’t tempted to try the shower.

The Howard, Dog and Boot Wash


Rosedale Abbey is a small settlement but contains two teashops, two pubs and a restaurant, but no mobile phone network, which may or may not be your idea of heaven. Should you need to connect, there are hotspots by the reception or in the pub opposite, the signal up on the moor is also quite good. 

We enjoyed our stay on this secluded site and our tour of the surrounding area.