Where do we keep it? The caravan that is. It’s all very well considering buying a caravan but, where does one leave it when it’s not in use if like us you have no suitable space at home. It’s an important consideration, and potentially  embarrassing consideration sometimes overlooked.

When we decided to buy a caravan, and thinking that I’m not the only one facing this storage problem, I asked the question of the internet. Google soon revealed that there are places called “storage sites”. Further that there were various types of storage sites, some secure some less so. Security appealed and further searching lead me to an organisation called CaSSOA whose members offer secure sites, although of differing grades.

I also soon found that secure storage sites are very popular, so spaces are limited. It took me quite a few days to located one with vacant spaces. Arrangements were made for an inspection – as much of me I suspect – and a visit and conducted tour made. I seemed to be considered suitable and contract and money soon changed hands and we had a pitch ready for our yet-to-be-purchased caravan at Border Caravan Storage, a CaSSOA Gold Site no less.

I was impressed that cars are both electronically and visually recorded as they go in and out of the site, as are the caravans and motorhomes. Cleverly caravans are pre-matched to their towing vehicle, so if an attempt is made to move a caravan with the wrong car, or vice versa, then the electrically operated gates cannot be opened and staff are alerted to the problem. 

Vetted service personnel are allowed into the compound by arrangement, which in convenient when cleaning or servicing is required. 

The site is rather too far from our home to be called local but it has proved to be very efficiently run by a friendly team, and at a cost of about a £1 a day cannot be considered expensive, so we are in little hurry to relocate. 

Happy Days. Fully serviced pitches at Keal Lodge CL Site

One small bonus feature is that the site owners maintain two adjacent caravan sites and will move our van to and from a pitch, a very useful service when we feel like a few of nights in our van that doesn’t involve any towing.



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