Access to the site is controlled by a coded padlock on the steel entrance gate, which is set sufficiently far from the road so as not to block it while you stop to open the gate.

Newton Grove is secluded by trees and hedges and we thought gave a very welcoming feel on entry, it is immediately obvious that this is a well cared for site. The hard access road at the side of the site continues for its full length so access should never be a problem.

Newton Grove CL – Entrance drive


The site has a slope uphill from the road, the top of the site being about 6m higher than the entrance, which means levelling one’s rig may be slightly more challenging than usual.

Newton Grove CL – Levelling required


Because of the length of our van we had to use one of the two hard pitches at the lower end of the site, and even then came close to having to excavate a pit to lower the front sufficiently to level it. Shorter vans or those with deep levelling wedges may be able to pitch higher up across the slope, there are a number of concrete blocks around the edge that are presumably intended to help with this task.

Newton Grove CL – Set-up and ready for a walk


Although well maintained this is a basic site so our own facilities were required as the only services provided are the provision of water, and sanitary and waste disposal.

Newton Grove CL – Disposal area


Toilet emptying is at the top of the site, which is literally, a bit of a drag, however the single water point is only half way up the hill, but don’t let a full aquaroll get away from you.

The information board situated at the top of the field is laid out clearly with wealth of information about the site and surrounding area and also contains a couple of arm chairs to allow one to rest and admire the view.

Newton Grove CL – Information and viewpoint


There is a wheeled solar battery charger available if required to replenish your vans leisure battery, however we found that our 100 watt roof mounted solar panel supplied our electricity needs adequately.

Newton Grove CL – the view from the top of the site.


The site is but a short walk from the village although the pub is on the opposite side, so a little further for the return trip there.




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