The access off the main A12 road is via a narrow, but straight single track road that shouldn’t present any problems although exiting in the other direction onto the main road requires patience due to the restricted visibility, particularly that to the left. 

Entrance road


The access road terminates in a large hard surface carpark that also services the farm and holiday flats. The entrance to the CL site is in the far right-hand corner and needs a wide approach swing to line up a towed caravan for the gateway.

Field entrance and car park


Initially we found the traffic noise from the near by A12 intrusive, but whether it was a change of wind direction or our becoming used to it I’m unsure, but we found it a little less intrusive by the second day of our stay. 

Mollett’s Farm CL Site almost full


While the site is small compared to many we have stayed on recently that doesn’t mean that there is insufficient room for five reasonably spaced rigs.



One advantage of a small site is that is never too far to go for water, in this case all facilities are in a neat enclosure adjacent to the gate. Grey water disposal is to the surrounding hedgerow. 

All on our own


Even though the ground is reasonably level, you will probably need to use a levelling wedge and steady blocks.

Both walkers and dog owners will be delighted to find a number of well defined and maintained footpaths radiating out from the car parking area across the surrounding fields.

Well maintained footpath


Overall we thought that this site made an excellent base from which to tour this part of Suffolk, and represented good value.The owners are accessible and helpful, they proved a useful pack of leaflets describing the surrounding area and points of interest.

Foot path


Radio and TV reception is good, as is the mobile phone network. An excellent, fast WiFi network is provided by the owners that put our domestic broadband service to shame.

There are a couple of supermarkets in nearby Saxmundham as well as “Trawler’s Catch” a first class fish and chip shop that we made full use of. 




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