Bramley House is a Caravan and Camping Club certified site.

Bramley House

It being March and as Spring was springing we decided a short holiday in the Fens not too far from Kings Lynn would be appropriate for our first proper outing. So, with some trepidation we decided to visit this site as it wasn’t too far from our storage site for our first trip. The appearance of the sun confirmed the decision and a telephone call made to Mrs. Jan Mastin at Bramley House to book a pitch for five nights.

Bramley House

Jan came out to welcome us as we drove on to her site and after introductions she explained the rules; of which there are few. She pointed out the usual need to know stuff like waste bins and disposal location and also the palatial little bathroom in a garden shed. Since she had no other bookings she invited us to make our choice of the pitches, so as the ground was still soft following a wet winter period we chose to remain on the hard standing.

We then got on with our setting up routine; actually, that’s not quite right because, being novices, we didn’t have a routine.

Bramley House

As its name suggests, the site is part an orchard of about 80 apple trees; and no, I didn’t count them. It’s quiet, very quiet, being away from any main roads, in fact the entrance is about a 1/4 mile along a rather narrow lane, one of those that you hope you can tow your van down without meeting anyone coming in the opposite direction; we didn’t.

I say quiet but of course the countryside is never completely quiet, bird song intrudes occasionally or the sound of our dog snoring and in this case the swish of a small wind turbine with which we shared the orchard. Occasionally the peace was shattered by a low-flying military helicopter charging overhead, but these intruders did serve to emphasise the long quiet interludes in between and the flyers are considerate enough to keep their activities to office hours.

The fine weather also allowed us to try out our new (second-hand) awning.

Bramley House Trying our new awning for size

Overall, we found this to be a very enjoyable and well-tended site.