Bedingham Hall Farm is a CMC CL site.

Easy access off the main B1332 road from the direction of Bungay is provided to Bedingham Hall Farm along a single track road, with plenty of passing places, and then onto a private road for about 200m and finally along a pebbled driveway that leads to a right turn just before the farm house onto the extensive grassed area of this site. 

The site, which I guess extends to about an acre is reasonably level with only a slight rise away from the entrance to the south edge.

This is roughly divided in half by the remnant of an ancient ditch that is now an extension of the pond that occupies of the centre of the site thereby helping to spread the pitches, it can be crossed by way of a low bridge. 

The site is served with well-spaced double hook-up points so that nobody need feel crowded. Several fresh water stand pipes are located on the south side of the site. Grey waste water is fed to the surrounding hedges while a single drain on the south-east corner of the site receives sanitary waste. Refuse bins are situated close by the site entrance.

The central pond enjoys a sylvan setting comprising Ash, Beech, Oak, Hawthorn, and Weeping Willow and is a focal point for bird life, hosting several Mallards and a family of Moorhens during our stay.  Wood Pigeons were frequent visitors, as were Robins, Wagtails, Jackdaws, Blackbirds, Pheasants, Partridge and others, notably a Barn Owl for an evening display.

The area is a quiet one subject only to residents activities and the occasional intrusion from light aircraft using the nearby Seething airfield. 

The East Coast in easily accessible, Southwold being about an easy 40 minute drive away, whilst the immediate area provides many narrow lanes and paths requiring exploration by foot or cycle. 

This is a family oriented site that I imagine could get quite boisterous during the school holiday time, but one that is large enough to absorb all those that require no more than the minimum of service support and are content to provide their own facilities and entertainment. 

We thought that the site offers excellent value and will certainly use it again when we are next in the area, especially during one of their adult only periods.

The owners offer the facility of on-line booking and payment, something that I appreciated and found very easy to use.



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