Bairnkine Farm is located , in the Scottish Borders, a few miles from Jedburgh in a particularly scenic part of the country. 

Bairnkine Farm

The site is situated on a gently sloping hillside with an undulating surface so is far from level, this necessitated a certain amount shunting in order to find a reasonable level position, coupled with, in our case, the use of a levelling wedge.

On the plus side it is a basic, quiet and peaceful CMC 5 van CL site with elevated pastoral views across the adjoining country side.

Bairnkine Farm

The electric hook-up points are situated at the top of the site along the wall of an old barn which may well act as a windbreak in less clement weather. 

The grass was well tended and in very good condition, much better than many domestic lawns I’ve seen.

The approach from the road is up a surfaced, tree lined driveway of more than adequate width for the largest of rigs. The entrance is also hard surfaced and this continues part way across the site as a narrow track in front of the two hard surfaced pitches. These are for the use of motorhomes, although they were occupied by caravans when we arrived!

Bairnkine Farm, Site Entrance on the Left

The freshwater supply tap is located at the bottom of the slope near the entrance, and equipped with a hose for motorhome users so that they don’t have to encroach onto the grass in order to refill their water tank. 

Bairnkine Farm, Entrance

The blackwater disposal point is on the opposite side of the site and utilises an old wc pan. Domestic wastewater is pored into the overgrown surround to the site. 

Bairnkine Farm, Chemical Emptying Point.

We felt that the site offered good value for those wanting a base to tour the area, and who don’t require any more than the basic facilities.


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