These articles record my own experiences with regard to our caravanning. Since your situation and experience is unlikely to concur with mine they are provided for my reference and your entertainment only. That said I hope you will find them of interest, and welcome your comments and feedback. 

Solar  Charging 

Having suffered from a flat battery on a couple of occasions when we had a Euro6 standard diesel which didn’t charge the battery very well during a journey, I decided that some sort of supplementary charger was required.

MiFi External Aerial 

My wife and I like to retain both broadband and mobile ‘phone access whilst touring.When we first toured I subscribed to the CMC WiFi site system, but found it somewhat slow and unreliable with patchy coverage and quite expensive.

The Bare Essentials

Reading a recent forum post in which a tyro tower asked what additional equipment was required to fully equip a caravan set me thinking that a basic list may be helpful.


Although there is no legal requirement to insure a caravan I considered it an essential expenditure given the value of our caravan, and its contents to us. 


Where do we keep it? The caravan that is. It’s all very well considering buying a caravan but, where does one leave it when it’s not in use if like us you have no suitable space at home.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Since neither our car or caravan came with any form of tyre pressure monitoring, I had to find something suitable for both.

Choosing a Tug

We’ve now owned two caravans and two tow cars, neither of our first choices proving to be completely acceptable, but such is the price of experience. 

Weighty Matters

I have always been very careful about how I load and distribute the payload in our van, always being fearful of overloading it, and with some justification it seems



There has been a lot of discussion on the various caravan forums regarding winterisation of caravans, which has prompted me to think about how I go about it by way of a review.