In an earlier post I referred to the weight of our caravan, a 2012 Lunar Clubman SB and thought I would try and quantify how the towed weight is made up and make the all important visit to a weigh-bridge to check the overall weight. So far I’ve made three attempts to do so but been thwarted on each occasion. 

Obviously the major part of the towed weight is the net weight of the caravan itself, but even that is not easy to arrive at without completely emptying the van and making the seemingly difficult tow to a weigh-bridge, so I thought I would try and calculate it.

The manufacturer, Lunar provides a starting point. The van’s rating plate gives the Mass in Running Order as 1285 kg and a Maximum mass of 1440 kg leaving a User Payload of 144 kg.

That’s the easy part!

Our caravan’s handbook states that the M.R.O. is inclusive of certain allowances, these are:

Electric hook-up cable  
Winding handle 1  
2x 5kg BP gas bottles 16  
Water in heater 10  
Water in toilet tank 2  
Total allowance = 35 kg  


Note that the above allowance have changed since our caravan was made.

The spare wheel and carrier are listed as standard equipment at 17.5 kg but there is no mention of it being included within the M.R.O. My feeling is that it should be (time will tell) so I will optimistically revise the Total Allowance to 52.5 kg.

This results in a net/net weight of 1285 – 52 = 1232.5 kg which I will use as a starting point.

The following table lists the items and weights that we normally carry in the caravan when towing. Certain items are carried in our car, these include: awning, tinned and bottled food items, tools and the like.

Our User Payload, all in kg.

ATC control 2 Awning pegs 2
Aquaroll 2# 10 Awning extras 8.5
Awning mat 3 Bathrobe 5
Bucket 1 Cleaning stuff 2
CD’s/DVD’s 4 Chairs 2# 10
Clogs 2 pairs 2 Clothing 2# 20
Crockery 5 Cutlery 3
Dog’s bed 2 Dog’s food 5
Duvalays 2# 9 Empty cases 2# 3.5
Fire exting’ 2 Food in fridge 5
Safefill + gas 11 Kettles 1
L/Battery 22 Misc’ 10
Motor-mover 30 Roll out awning 11
Saucepans etc 3 Solar panel 5
Sp-wheel holder 7 Spare wheel 10
Table 4 Toaster 2
Toilet water 2 Toilet tabs/chems 2
Television 4 Vac cleaner etc 5
Waste-master 6 Water hose 3
Water pipes 2 Water can 1


Which totals 245 kg added to the net/net weight of 1232.5 gives a MIRO of 1477.5 kg.

Whoops! Well over the weight I measured with the Reich caravan scales, so something is obviously amiss, maybe the net weight of the van is heaver than Lunar quote or the Reich scales are inaccurate. 

37.5 kg overloaded and I can already see that I’ve missed a couple of items of my list!

However the good news is that we are still inside the 55 kg upgrade available for this model. Apart from getting to a weigh-bridge the next step is for me to find a Lunar dealer prepared to arrange the up-grade label for me.

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