We had a second-hand motor-mover fitted to our van, it was taken off our previous van and transferred by the dealer from whom we brought our current van, perhaps that makes it third-hand. It’s an old Truma, which has since been superseded by a newer model, I say old but then motor movers don’t do that much work although they do exist in a rather harsh environment.

I consider a mover essential since we store our van on a commercial storage site and I often have to manoeuvre it into its storage spot between adjacent vans without too much room to spare, so the risk from a manoeuvring mistake both high and potentially extremely embarrassing. 

Our mover is controlled with a radio remote handset controller and features remote engagement and disengagement of the rollers on and off the tyres. Sensibly it will only work when the van is electrical disconnected from the car, the coupling lead plugged into the caravan’s stowage socket, and a safety switch operated. I still have to remember to unhitch from the car and also to disengage the rollers from the tyres before attempting to tow the van. So far, with my wife’s assistance, I’ve remembered to do that, but the day will come…

Its great fun to use even if it is a little slow but that does allow my brain to keep up with what’s it’s doing.

Initially it’s activation and operation were unreliable, this proved to be due to a faulty switch on the remote allowing only intermittent operation. During the search for the fault I also found that the battery contacts had rather bad corrosion, presumably from old batteries being left in it too long and leaking. I determined to replace the handset until I found out the price of a new one. Bit of a shock! Fortunately, eBay came to the rescue with a new one being offered at a third of the official price. In due course I shall have the original repaired as a standby.

Unfortunately, there is a big weight penalty to having a motor-mover fitted, in our case about 30Kg, although some newer units are lighter. This eats significantly into the allowable payload that is far too low to start with but that’s an aspect I can live with as it comes out of my wife’s clothing allowance.

Truma Video featuring the latest model. 


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