Boring stuff insurance; until you need to claim on it!

Although there is no legal requirement to insure a caravan I considered it an essential expenditure given the value of our caravan to us. Initially I took out insurance through the Caravan and Camping Club and, given the substantial investment that we have made I elected to pay extra for their “New for Old” policy believing that this would provide us with the most suitable cover in the event of a claim.

In addition to the normal no-claim bonus further discounts can be obtained from insurers for the use of security equipment such as: Wheel Clamp, Alarm, Hitch-lock, Secure Storage, TMS and Tracker, as well as completion of a towing course.

The value of contents, accessories and awnings can also be included and covered.

Insurance policies are also available from the Caravan and Camping Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club and many other insurance brokers, as always it can pay to shop around and also spending time reading the small print to ensure that you are getting the cover that you thought that you paid for. 

One other thought: check that your car insurance covers you for towing, not all do; it could be embarrassing to find following an accident that your caravan is insured but your car is not because you didn’t tell your insurer about that hook you fitted on the back of your car.

A selection of companies offering caravan insurance, none of whom I endorse although I currently insure our caravan with the Caravan and Camping Club. 

Towergate Insurance Caravan Guard
Caravan and Camping Club Camping and Motorhome Club
Cover4Caravans Frank Pickles
Adrian Flux Shield Total insurance
Safeguard Simple Caravan Insurance


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