The caravan that is.

It’s all very well considering buying a caravan but where does one leave it on the rare occasion that it’s not in use? As we don’t have storage space at home. It was an important consideration for us and sometimes over looked

When we decided to buy a caravan I found our site using the Google search engine.

Thinking that I’m not the only one facing this problem I asked the question of the internet which revealed that there are places called “storage sites”. Further that there were various types of storage some more secure than others. As we were making a big investment, security appealed. Further searching lead me to an organisation called CaSSOA whose members offer secure sites.

I soon found that secure storage sites are very popular, and spaces are limited so it took me quite a while to locate one with vacant spaces. It was much further away from our home than I first envisaged but there was little we could do about that.

Arrangements were made for an inspection and a conducted tour made a few days later. We were deemed suitable and a pitch reservation made.  We now had a caravan parking space at Border Caravan Storage a CaSSOA Gold Site no less and one that is featured in the CaSSOA advert. We could now go ahead with the purchase of a van safe in the knowledge that we would not have to park it on the road outside our house.

Whilst the facility is rather too far from our home to be called local, involving a 45 minute drive, it has proved to be acceptable, for its very efficiently run by a friendly team and at a cost of a little more than a £1 a day cannot be considered expensive. 

One small but worthwhile bonus feature is that the site owners maintain two adjacent sites at Keal Lodge and will move our van to and from a serviced pitch, a very useful service when we feel like a few nights in our van without any towing.

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